What are the Most Important Aspects of a Catholic Lifestyle?

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There are a myriad of aspects of a Catholic lifestyle. It is a faith bound by tradition and practices handed down through thousands of years. There are many things that you could do to maintain a Catholic lifestyle. However, the most important aspects are active worship, a robust prayer life and the practice of charity. All three aspects are needed in equal measure to form a well-rounded Catholic. They are complimentary components that reinforce each other.

Actively Worship in the Church at Mass

The first important aspect of a Catholic lifestyle is actively worshiping in the church at mass. The church is God’s home. When you go to mass, you are paying God a visit in His home. This is one of the utmost forms of respect because you are willfully surrendering your surroundings to be with Him. Attending mass each week pays homage to the third commandment, which states: "Keep holy the Sabbath day." When you attend mass each week, you are abiding by God’s laws.

Some ask why they cannot worship God at home. The answer to that is quite simple; our home is not God’s home. If a dear friend invites you to dinner, would you say, “Yes, but I will eat in my home?” The location makes a vast difference so one cannot overlook it. In addition, you cannot receive the consecrated sacraments at home. Jesus Christ consecrated the bread and wine into His body and blood and left them for us as an everlasting remembrance of His sacrifice. Going to mass each week solemnly pays respect of this sacrifice in person; something that you cannot do at home.

Maintain a Robust Prayer Life

Jesus said, “When you pray, go to your room, close the door and pray to your Father in private.” A robust prayer life is one of the significant aspects of a Catholic lifestyle. Prayer is a form of communication between you and God. It is as simple as that; there is no right or wrong way to pray. One thing that you must remember, however, is that prayer like much of communication is a two-way street. When you speak to God in prayer, make sure that you allow some quite time for reflection so that you could also listen to God. As Catholics, prayer keeps us in tune to the faith. It is the oil that keeps the machine humming. It helps you stay connected to God. It is important because it allows you to quietly meditate on the faith using familiar words and expressions, which help you profess this faith.

The Practice of Charity

Practicing charity is crucial to a Catholic lifestyle because as St. James so succinctly wrote, “Faith without works is dead.” This third important aspect cleverly ties the other two aspects together. For it is not enough to attend mass and leave everything that you learned there at the doors of the church. Likewise, it is not enough to simply pray for the poor. Using Jesus Christ as a role model, Catholics are encouraged to put their faith in action. Jesus Christ came to serve and not be served; you should follow His lead by serving your brothers and sisters in need. Volunteering your time expresses your faith in a more powerful way than merely talking about it. By volunteering, you are making a difference, which is what Catholics are called to ultimately do.

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